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About Us

LaStoria Enterprises, LLC

Your success is our business.  We help people and organizations bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  We understand the challenges that can get in the way of reaching your full potential like being held back by self talk, life's curve balls and skepticism.  Our passion for individual and team development drives us to provide a high-energy environment for growth.  Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we work with clients worldwide delivering in-person and virtually.

We're excited to have partnered with the most recognized names in Leadership, Coaching, and Training to bring you the best resources available so you can achieve your goals.  


Joe & Denise LaStoria


As a husband and wife team, we work together or individually.  While our backgrounds are slightly different, we've experienced some of the challenges organizations and individuals face during our own corporate roles.  That understanding is what leads us to love coaching, developing and training.

When we aren't working with our clients we love boating, traveling and spending time at home with our sweet cat, Ziva.  

What our clients are saying...

"Denise IS leadership, creativity, and charisma. You get the whole package - 100% and 100% of the time. She engages and inspires you and leaves you feeling better than she found you."

"Joe is a master of the art. He can be light and jovial and then instantly dive into salient content at will. Making work & fun one and the same is a lost art, and Joe brings that alive in the truest sense." 

"Denise has natural ability and a compelling style of presenting information. She has a dynamic personality that engages her participants while she delivers the content of the course."

"Previous experiences of sales training have been with mixed outcomes and often times they are more words than action. However, Joe is a great and enthusiastic mentor with exceptional sales knowledge."

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